Emancipate my Soul




drops of tears kiss the parched cheeks of mine,
to patter on the pillow, reels of by-gone times,
trying to count the sheep to lull me into sleep,
but, only her face, i see that is etched in my heart deep,
her joyous smile with the lovely hug,
so painful, the way cuddles turned to poignant rug,
our love was my scarf in the coldest weather,
the heartbreak has left me with broken castles to gather.
so, swoon me to sleep, the numbers tonight,
her thoughts may make by heart turn pale over nights.
prostrated and gaped open in awe of the end,
never envisaged our castles to kiss the dust of the blames,
“no no, its not me, its you, and will always be so,”
meekly, i obviate the words, as i feel our love has more glow,
sitting over the wild vales, staring at the stars were we,
with our lofty dreams, on the ninth cloud were we,
the resplendent glow of your touch on my heart,
still shines, but inflicting pain tearing me apart,
so, swoon me to sleep, the numbers tonight,
her thoughts may make my heart turn pale over nights.
but, even counting the sheep won’t lull me into rest,
dreams of the cascades of the closet awaken me stressed,
eerie of my lacerated soul turns into vesuvian laments,
moments spent with smile, hurt as memories estranged,
quaint is my physique now, lifeless with pain,
more than my words, my emotions speak over pen,
as the thunder roars like the lion at night,
clock is at quarter, but red and drenched are my eyes,
just need your lovely touch again with a lap, i swear,
i will lull into sleep just with your touch my dear.
soul with sorrow is trapped with love,
passionately growing stronger, for you my love,
just don’t let our halcyon turn into  double-faced sword,
with none left to smile and gore of other’s words,
set my soul free to soar in smiles again,
trances of your memories, just to make moments again,
each mutilated fragment of our castles to rebuild,
hug me girl tightly, me naive but love you out of my skins,
emancipate my soul from clutches of Dolores,
lull me into my life, erasing my sorrows and amiss..

 Biplab Roy


2 thoughts on “Emancipate my Soul

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