” i think we should break-up now, i promise we will remain good friends”, these are the fragments of her last words that i remember. shattered, as i was to the extremes, but also at the loss of words.


estrangement is the atramentous emotion of our lives. no one wants to get separated from their beloved ones and it is an ache to remember, but which one? the separation or union? quite complicated cornucopia of emotions. 

remaining friends with the same person is often a choice left for both of them. some regard it is another way of getting in touch with that person and rest find it too tough to get along. well, it is easier to love your friend, but it is toughest to befriend your love when you see her/him in someone else’s lap. 


the truth be told, it has always been her/his love that we crave for and the warmth to keep us smiling. but, when we go through the break-up and still will to remain friends, it is not obvious for both of them to have consent to that. 


how can we talk to each other now, but not that close?

how can we walk with each other, but not hands in hands?



how can you think of her/him, but not call her on?


there are so many queries that our agonized heart faces, but she/he is no more that much into you to even answer them.



well it needs a tough heart to love someone and give her/him all that you got with no expectations, but it takes a tougher heart to wear a scarf of pretense that you don’t care and remain friends. i don’t know, whether the tough heart or tougher hear is the victor, but i know the loser, it is US, (the boy and the girl).


break up is never the only solution to a misunderstanding. we could have walked a  common path based on personal discussions. it will be the regret for long. 

“say your heart, not yet over though,

we are not over to love each other, no,

we may hurt and fight, i understand,

but, beyond our love, nothing else can stand


Hopeless situat…


Hopeless situations add meaningful lessons and enriching experience to our lives.

every dark predicament should be regarded as the bright envelope of message for us. it will surely teach us something over time that will be the integrity of our future.

Often, the memo…


Often, the memories that encrypt a doleful line over pale cheeks on their reminiscence, have carved deep seated scars on the tenderest part of us.


                                     the moments that we embrace so close to us to our softest parts of  lives, just desert us with plethora of tears and disappointments. when the frame of picture carrying these moments strike our mind, only thing that they embark are lines of their absences over our cheeks. it is then, when we introspect that , it was the closest to us and will ever be, might not be physically but, obviously spiritually.


it is when we make a promise, not to let anyone come too close to ever replace those lovely memories by their moments. immaterial, if we ever get that person back, but we learn to live with that pain of estrangement and hope that destiny may have us together again.


Stop crying for…


Stop crying for things falling into pieces, do your stuff, only the best things will fall into perfect place.

No problem finds its solutions in saying, “WHY ME?” the solution to every impediment towards our mighty goal is, “THANK GOD! IT IS ME.” Every apprehension is a cowardly move, but a positive approach is well admired. It is just like STARING AT THE BURNING EYES FAILURE WITH ACIDIC TENACITY. 

Work towards our goal without listening to trifles can only propel us ahead to achieve humongous success.  Just drudge, Not cry over mishaps, The end HAS TO BE THE BEST… there is no destiny, where we reach finally is our ULTIMATE DESTINATION….. BUILD IT NOW, TO LIVE  IT THEN. 🙂  



i forgot how to smile,

since ages i have spent days in cries,
can someone in the deluge of hoipolloi listen?
you might be a clown, joker or an ordinary man,
i will give my entire future in your name,
overflow me with smile, these tears, i hate.
learned the enigmatic lessons of love,
went wading through ocean of love, being shoved,
it is not of my concern, if your tricks are old or new,
i don’t intend to bargain a penny with you,
rather, thine price will be priceless, unique,
make my lips stretched with smile and relief.
responsibilities burden my neck, i am sixty feet down,
and i am grasping for breathe, are you there my clown?
attachment only gave me memories blemished with tears,
lost them forever, yet attachment, i can’t bear,
i shove myself up to you, Alas friend!
can anybody glean to my groans to nullify my shame?
i haven’t smiled since long ago,
embrace me with assurance, smiles won’t go,
faded with subservient emotions, word i want,
that smile of today, shines forever and all,
can anyone empathize my dark relics of fear?
so, please emancipate my sorrows with smile my dear.
till you come, the benches will have a seat
empty beside me; where i sit, i hope to meet,
on this bright alley of life, it is easy to spot me,
unique, with drooped shoulders of self-obscurity,
till then, these tears and sorrows will veil me,
as i rest assured, they will be pulverize by thee.
don’t be repelled by my doleful tears,
just let them inundate my face, crystal-clear,
my only desire is to be behold tight,
and gift me my smile and to value my life,
now, all of them have paved their path,
i want someone to eschew theirs to make me smile.
hoipolloi-The masses; the common people

SATHI AMAR PATHIK (Friend my Companion)

Commotion of empty emotions just flow,

Just from that broken heart to another one,

So less told those stories to anyone, but you,

No listener now, no one to hear those silly words.


Burnt out yet so true I suppose, oh my friend,

Dreams could be my only place to live in,

No, I cant reside in the reality so virile, I guess,

As me not shielded, weaker than ever before.


These teardrops wont make you feel good, I know!

If you were really with me now, my smile would appease

Thee. So no, guided by your perpetual shine,

I will rise and give thee pride to be friend of mine.


Only these remaining days should never be counted as days,

Each one is one to make you smile, if you were really here,

And in the other world, I suppose the chess of life had no loser,

No one to lose but to gain!


Or may be this is the final world of my imagination,

We never know, yet, till my soul rests in,

The last zephyr over my coffin besides yours, I wish,

Not in this life, but in afterlife, never wish to mislay you.


Back to that point where I always start,

To the point without a dimension, without a reason,

Oh! Silly heart attachment’s bitter part is estrangement,

Why thee tie strings too sturdy to break.?

 Biplab Roy




when i see the commercials of lucrative mobile phones, laptops and other goods but with such high prices, i feel sorry for the both, myself and the advertising brand. the sorrow is I cannot afford to buy such lucrative goods(just like the television set is lampooning my financial crippled nature) . so, it is better to keep it simple and advertise the things that are genuinely in the reach of common people and are highly required for daily uses. advertisements of stationary items, sanitary items, healthy foods; etc should be more than the high priced electronic goods that only blue-blooded and golden spoon families can afford.