“we have been friends over a long time, but since the last few months, i think i have started to like you”-


this is the statement which we like to say when we fall for someone who is a dear friend of us. but, it is just a like because the real emotions never take the form of words to express. so many times, many good boy-girl friendships turn into both sided-love, but neither of them are able to express their emotions. 


“may be, if i say her/him that i like him, i may lose her/him forever.” it is this provident attitude of loss of the beloved one that chokes us from spitting our emotions. we never want to lose that person forever and endure their sharp machetes of  recoil. it is obvious that this fear is the biggest obstacle and yet it is the only door to take the relationship to a new and beautiful level. 



it is often a point of debate of human emotions that, how can we love our friends but not make friends our love of life? generally, when emotions take the form of words, it results in a big outburst and stress for both of them, or may be not. we never know what the other person, who we regard as our friend and may have fallen for, may also share the same emotions for us. so, my dear readers, if you have a friend in your life, whom you sort of love and spend your life with, just express your love for her/him.


you may never know, she/he must be the one whom your life was waiting for to add colors to it. don’t fear of the loss, true friends share the same emotions. just wreathe words to your emotions in the most optimistic and heart-touching fashion, there is always a positive ray of light on the other side of your providence. go for it!



SATHI AMAR PATHIK (Friend my Companion)

Commotion of empty emotions just flow,

Just from that broken heart to another one,

So less told those stories to anyone, but you,

No listener now, no one to hear those silly words.


Burnt out yet so true I suppose, oh my friend,

Dreams could be my only place to live in,

No, I cant reside in the reality so virile, I guess,

As me not shielded, weaker than ever before.


These teardrops wont make you feel good, I know!

If you were really with me now, my smile would appease

Thee. So no, guided by your perpetual shine,

I will rise and give thee pride to be friend of mine.


Only these remaining days should never be counted as days,

Each one is one to make you smile, if you were really here,

And in the other world, I suppose the chess of life had no loser,

No one to lose but to gain!


Or may be this is the final world of my imagination,

We never know, yet, till my soul rests in,

The last zephyr over my coffin besides yours, I wish,

Not in this life, but in afterlife, never wish to mislay you.


Back to that point where I always start,

To the point without a dimension, without a reason,

Oh! Silly heart attachment’s bitter part is estrangement,

Why thee tie strings too sturdy to break.?

 Biplab Roy




i forgot how to smile,

since ages i have spent days in cries,
can someone in the deluge of hoipolloi listen?
you might be a clown, joker or an ordinary man,
i will give my entire future in your name,
overflow me with smile, these tears, i hate.
learned the enigmatic lessons of love,
went wading through ocean of love, being shoved,
it is not of my concern, if your tricks are old or new,
i don’t intend to bargain a penny with you,
rather, thine price will be priceless, unique,
make my lips stretched with smile and relief.
responsibilities burden my neck, i am sixty feet down,
and i am grasping for breathe, are you there my clown?
attachment only gave me memories blemished with tears,
lost them forever, yet attachment, i can’t bear,
i shove myself up to you, Alas friend!
can anybody glean to my groans to nullify my shame?
i haven’t smiled since long ago,
embrace me with assurance, smiles won’t go,
faded with subservient emotions, word i want,
that smile of today, shines forever and all,
can anyone empathize my dark relics of fear?
so, please emancipate my sorrows with smile my dear.
till you come, the benches will have a seat
empty beside me; where i sit, i hope to meet,
on this bright alley of life, it is easy to spot me,
unique, with drooped shoulders of self-obscurity,
till then, these tears and sorrows will veil me,
as i rest assured, they will be pulverize by thee.
don’t be repelled by my doleful tears,
just let them inundate my face, crystal-clear,
my only desire is to be behold tight,
and gift me my smile and to value my life,
now, all of them have paved their path,
i want someone to eschew theirs to make me smile.
hoipolloi-The masses; the common people


my dear mom, i just feel so insecure,

a deep mysterious fear just grabs me,

i am crying cats and dogs without a cure,

i need you to just hug me.


something significant pulls me into,

i just don’t understand the reason at all,

continual fear of losing someone to

the grip of time, but she has beforehand crawled.


since many nights, i have been shedding tears,

counting on her fragments of love,

i am falling apart, there is an unknown fear,

just hug me m mother, with umpteen love.


i cannot share these in words with you,

but, my heavy heart will say it all,

find no reason of blaming myself too,

yet dripping tears listen to heart’s broken call.


i often wonder mom, does she ever think of me

or am i just a nobody for her now?

that old fear of losing her smothers me,

please let me sleep in your lap now.


i may have brought you shame,

but, i never thought it would turn so bad,

you know mom, we were going so great,

now, when i think of her, i wonder where was my bad.


you said there are fairies in stories,

where in life are they?

if there were one, i would send my queries,

to chant a spell, to bring a change.


mom, i just want to hide under your chunri,

where nobody can see my tears,

mom, please make me sleep by a lullaby,

i am afraid of my own fears.


i just don’t want to grow up,

mom,i just want to be your little child,

i think, if she had never left me, mom,

i think, i would have never cried.


emotions never see age or gender,

it is just the outburst of memories,

my mom, i feel, like a baby, so tender,

please, mom, just hum me a lullaby.


remember, whenever i don’t find anything,

you find it for me,

mom, i have lost myself altogether over that pixie,

please, mom, find myself for me.


MEANING:chunri: A scarf or wrap worn with most Indian girls’ and boys’ outfits. It can be worn in countless ways

biplab roy (bipstar.ja)



it is just the perfect time of the life

resplendence is more than the spot light.
tremendous sparkles glittering, glasses clinking
with the ameliorating red wine, fruition spring in.
vibes of satisfaction kissing the core
sobriquet smile cloaking elation galore. 
eyesight all cheerful, such dubious are those smiles
to trust is easy with miles to walk, but return broken, miles
is tougher to ponder. queries creep inside, behind those smiles
are there cheerful hearts of accolades or assailant’s cries?
convene with hand shakes and hugs, tight to smother
but, enjoying each moment, of love and ultimate flatter
fit into shoes of apathy, wipe off the old yellow-books , scatter
the pages of year-book, a new life with status altogether.
addiction with no rehabilitation of life, to appraisal 
creamy words, to wax up with pride, no reversal
criticism whiz past the ears less, friends seem foes with hazel
hair. conscience’s eerie censures us of betrayal, faces denial. 
even life quietly sails under nocturnal dungeons of edification
so, how will the spot lights not turn off, identity risked at deletion?
vales that used to be the summit of the glorious flag
remains a summit, but new flag holder bragging the flag.
facade starts to fade quicker than the phonies turn their back
treachery of troop burns more, trusted ones take a step aback.
old best relations are no less than victims of ostracism
prostrated on the floor, with prominent sign of recidivism
all that doomed spotlight left was darkest darkness to blossom
coupled with insecurity secured in the walls echoing so gruesome.
these scars don’t heal till the cold air kisses the skin
till the vertigo is felt again, it is a mark embarking us to win
pushing a little bit more, bending more an inch
drudgery to strive for, the bragging flag to just clinch.
life instilled  over the mountains, as the scars heal to breeze
with the saxophone proclaiming the win, the drumbeats
beat louder, with waving flag soaring, the stab unleashed
under the spotlight, cheers galore, but none to  share emotions deep.

Biplab Roy