Dear 2013,
subject: lodging grievances against the intolerable misery.

when this new year began, i was wished HAPPY NEW YEAR by my friends and acquaintances. even, i thought that even after all the turmoil that my life had gone through since the past November, there must be a shining end to this nocturnal sorrow. but, it is with great sadness that i inform you regarding a poor performance by 2013 in my life.
it is with great sorrow that you soared me to exhilarating success and suicidal debacles without even giving me enough time to taste the crests. getting a chance in Medical exam was by far the biggest achievement in my life and i just started to feel the magic when the treacherous arms of yours snatched my success. you taught me that, it is not the RANK that is important for education here, it is POWER AND MONEY. let’s not forget, LUCK!
since the last November, i have gone through the toughest time of my life and i just got a feeling, it will continue to be so throughout this year. still, it is a Letter of hope, that the wand of magic might turn my fate around. maybe, i will never get back the girl that i lost, the love that i pilfered, the ambitions that were drenched; but it is my sober request that don’t give me happiness and love to snatch them away in a blink.



Thanking You,





i forgot how to smile,

since ages i have spent days in cries,
can someone in the deluge of hoipolloi listen?
you might be a clown, joker or an ordinary man,
i will give my entire future in your name,
overflow me with smile, these tears, i hate.
learned the enigmatic lessons of love,
went wading through ocean of love, being shoved,
it is not of my concern, if your tricks are old or new,
i don’t intend to bargain a penny with you,
rather, thine price will be priceless, unique,
make my lips stretched with smile and relief.
responsibilities burden my neck, i am sixty feet down,
and i am grasping for breathe, are you there my clown?
attachment only gave me memories blemished with tears,
lost them forever, yet attachment, i can’t bear,
i shove myself up to you, Alas friend!
can anybody glean to my groans to nullify my shame?
i haven’t smiled since long ago,
embrace me with assurance, smiles won’t go,
faded with subservient emotions, word i want,
that smile of today, shines forever and all,
can anyone empathize my dark relics of fear?
so, please emancipate my sorrows with smile my dear.
till you come, the benches will have a seat
empty beside me; where i sit, i hope to meet,
on this bright alley of life, it is easy to spot me,
unique, with drooped shoulders of self-obscurity,
till then, these tears and sorrows will veil me,
as i rest assured, they will be pulverize by thee.
don’t be repelled by my doleful tears,
just let them inundate my face, crystal-clear,
my only desire is to be behold tight,
and gift me my smile and to value my life,
now, all of them have paved their path,
i want someone to eschew theirs to make me smile.
hoipolloi-The masses; the common people